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Friday, September 13, 2013

Computer Skills Checklist

The following check list is designed to gauge your basic level of computer skills to best determine what classes  or training sessions would be most helpful.    This will also allow the library to assess potential programs, classes, and resources helpful to its customers. Please check all skills that you have already mastered.

    Open files
    Save files
    Locate files
    Rename files
    Delete files
    Use find
    Save as a new format, and knowing when and how to use it
    Understand the implications of the file extensions and associations
    Use directory structures to organize documents

    Manage open windows
    Minimize or maximize, tile, or resize window
    Understand concept of active and inactive windows
    Access a specific application when several are open

    Page formatting
    Text formatting (font size, type, bold, italic, etc.)
    Pagination, headers, columns, and other features
    Use of tool bars, spell checking, print preview, search and replace
    Negotiating multiple open word-processing documents
    Naming and Saving a document
    Opening a document
    Cut, copy, and paste text or graphics from one document to another
    Importing text files
    Understand the use and meaning of file extensions (.doc, .txt, etc.)
    Create a professional appearing product

    Print preview
    Cancel or suspend a print job
    Print only specific pages

    Compose and address messages
    Add, open, and save attachments
    Print messages and attachments
    Manage folders
    Create personal address lists
    Send internet e-mails
    Change preferences and/or set up
    Use correct Netiquette procedures
    Create and send professional grade correspondence

    Figure out how much space a file or directory takes up
    Determine available free space on a drive: know what to do if a hard drive is full
    De-fragment you computer
    Check for viruses
    Zip/Unzip file

    Browse the web, starting with SCU homepage
    Read campus news groups (once established)
    Understand the difference between an Internet and an Intranet
    Apply standard evaluation criteria to web sites and their information
    Understand and use Boolean search strategies
    Can control pages printed from a web site
    Apply standard citation methods for information found on a website
    Understand the difference between a “web site”, a “database” and an “online database”.

    Open and create a simple slide
    Apply themed background or color to all slides
    Add text and graphic
    Manipulate text or graphic with animation
    Add dimensional aspects
    Add video clips
    Create professional appearing product

    Open and create a simple spreadsheet
    Add boxes, clip art, titles, word art
    Create simple invoices and forms
    Do simple summation of column figures
    Format columns for changing data (i.e., dates)
    Create a simple chart or graph
    Insert a chart into another document (Word or Powerpoint)
    Create professional appearing product

    Open and create a simple document
    Add graphics, change fonts, format, color
    Insert new elements (columns, graphics, etc.)

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