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Friday, September 13, 2013

Basic Computer Technologies Literacy Guide Sheet

1.       A stable internet connection
      Test Your Skills :

2.       Basic skills in word processing, email use, presentation software, and spreadsheet applications.

A.      Word Processing (including basic skills to manage indents and spacing for paragraphs, headers and footers, page numbering)
Internet4Classrooms: Word
LearningElectric.com: MS Word

B.      Email (including basic skills to manage attachments, utilize etiquette, and forward mail)
How to Use email

C.      Presentation (skills in designing or outlining an oral presentation, use of graphics and fonts to enhance)
Internet4Classrooms: Powerpoint
LearningElectic.com: Powerpoint

D.      Spreadsheet (skills in design, construction, summing, and inserting into a document)
Internet4Classrooms: Excel Technology Tutorial http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line_excel.htm
LearningElectric.Com: Excel

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